Last Skier Standing

We'll be hosting a Last Skier Standing event the weekend of February 15th & 16th at Black Mountain in Jackson, NH.

Time: Registration Check-in 8 to 9:30am Feb 15, event start is at 10am.


Last Skier Standing 
For those not familiar, each participant must finish the course within an hour and be in the starting area prior to the next lap start. The race is over once there is only one person left in the starting area and that person completes their final lap. 

24 Hour Relay
To keep things interesting we'll be offering a 24 Hour Relay for those looking to team up and race through the night. It will follow the above format but ends at 10am Sunday.

Weight Categories:

Heavy Metal
This division is for traditional AT, Tele, and Splitboarding gear. The course will summit Black Mountain (~925').

Fast & Light 
For the SkiMo racers, this course will go to the summit but there will be an on-hill transition with an extra 300'.


We'll provide hot food and beverages throughout the event at the Black Mountain Base Lodge. We'll have boot driers available and use of the base lodge.

Registration: $75 until Feb 1, $100 until Feb 14. No day of registration.


We are prepping for this weekend and everything is lining up in our favor. Thanks for being the guinea pigs and you’ll all be rewarded with stacked vert, a few generous prizes, lots of food and beverages, plus the bragging rights of participating in the inaugural event. Here’s a comprehensive list of what to expect, a few suggestions, and some tips to make sure you have the best event possible. Please send questions our way and we’ll update this FAQ page as necessary - Listen to the event preview podcast if you haven’t already. Thank you and see you all Saturday!

-Andrew and Monte

  • Parking: we’re encouraging carpooling as it’s a holiday weekend and while there will be parking up near the event tent, it’s limited. We have been given permission to park cars down by the Jackson historical society so if you can make that happen we’d appreciate it!
  • Check-in: is from 8 to 9:30am - registration will be located in the tent above the horse corral. You’ll get your bib and whatever swag we can round up. We’ll be doing a group photo at 9:55 with a pre-event briefing.
  • Sufferfest Tent: We have a 40’ by 20’ event tent where we’ll have tables, propane heaters, chairs, blankets, food and beverage, electricity, lights, and more.
  • The Course: We will be using the mountain’s uphill route during daytime hours. It’s approximately 1.1 miles / 1k’ to the summit and we’ll be skiing back down the same route with a couple modifications to keep the flow of onhill traffic smooth. For our nighttime lap we might switch the course for your own sanity but not guaranteed! For the skimo division, there’s a slight deviation at the summit (Lostbo reach-around) and a 300' bootpack. We’ll have signage indicating these locations and maps at check-in.
  • Rules: We want this to be a level playing field. Safety is our priority and most of these rules are meant to ensure that. Pacers are not allowed and you can’t take outside aid on the course. No tucking or unsafe skiing - if you are perceived to be skiing in an unsafe manner by ski patrol, mountain operations, or event personnel, you are subject to disqualification. We will also have a medic onsite at all times. There is no alcohol allowed outside of Lostbo Pub and no BYOB.
  • Mandatory Gear: We will be issuing bibs that must be visible and worn on the left leg and reflective armbands for those who make it into the first night (and second night!). Headlamps are required for nighttime laps. Helmets are required for EVERYONE.
  • Suggested Items to Bring:
    • Personal Food and drink items that you know work for you.
    • A spare set of skins. We’ll do our best to help with skin failures.
    • Extra socks
    • Blister Prevention kit. We’ll supply what we can but suggest some glide stick, moleskin, tape, or whatever works for you.
    • Extra / backup everything (socks, liners, gloves…)
  • Pit Crew: We’ll have volunteers helping with keeping you warm, fed, and hydrated along with helping with any gear issues. We’ll do our best to help dry out boots and skins. We have a couple propane heaters for the tent plus several boot heaters. There will be a charging station for phones and we’ll have power bricks to hand out to charge batteries on the fly. We want you to be able to focus on the event and not worry about these items!
  • Food and Beverage: We will be providing the following - Hot water, hot coffee, hot tang / gatorade, soup, chips, chocolates, and other typical aid station food. We’ll serve a mix of bagels Saturday AM, a basic lunch (sandwiches) Saturday and Sunday, soups for dinner, pancakes and bacon for Sunday breakfast, and keep the meal plan rolling as long as needed. 
  • Bathrooms: There will be three bathrooms up at the tent - participants have priority. We also have access to the lodge bathrooms for crew and spectators.
  • Awards: We have a tiered finisher award system based on the number of laps you finish. Sponsors have been generous and we’ll have this info available later in the week. There will be awards for the individual male and female for heavy metal and skimo as well as for the relay team. 
  • Flexibility: Since this is the first time running the event, we might make on-the-fly modifications to the event if we feel it can make the event better. This might include a course change or delayed lap start time. We don’t plan on this happening but understand there could be some slight changes day of the event.
  • Event Sponsors: We want to thank everyone who generously donated their time, money, and swag for making this event happen: Craft Sportswear, Sierra Nevada / Sufferfest Brewery, Fischer Skis, NEMO Equipment, Princeton Tec Headlamps, Clif Bar, Marblehead Printing, Pret Helmets, Marblehead Graphics, Bagels Plus, and Vintage Baking Company

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